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To our Valued Customers:

While we’re currently living in a strange time in history it is important for me today to talk about the steps, we’re taking to maintain our business, client base and serve you and discuss our COVID-19 action plan. 

We’ve implemented a policy of masks and rubber gloves while working in your homes. We’re monitoring ourselves more than we have in the past. We’ve always had a clean, healthy culture. Daily, we’re monitoring our temperatures for fever, our fluid and vitamin intakes. Thankfully, we have a healthy group.

We have begun to work fully remotely as a sales and customer service team. With that we’re offering ourselves up to make appointments with you in your homes and we are fully sanitized and protected with masks and rubber glove during this process. You’re also welcome to make private, individualized appointments to our showrooms. We have sanitation stations at each entry and are sanitizing our facilities daily to make sure we can accommodate you. While we must restrain ourselves from our practice of hand shaking and forego our smiles (as they’re behind our masks), we’re here to help you with your fireplace, chimney and masonry solutions should you need our services. We’re also offering in-home consultations without being in the home via teleconferencing using Facetime, WhatsApp and Telegram. This has been especially helpful for are commercial and architectural clients.

While you are in lock down and abiding by the “stay home” order, you may be using your fireplace and chimney more. And it is important to have them both looked at annually. We will continue to offer this service at a regular cost throughout the pandemic and use the measures I illustrated above to protect ourselves and you. Of course, if you are confirmed sick with COVID-19 we would respectfully ask that you delay our services until your symptoms are gone. We’re also adding new inserts, fireplaces and replacing chimney liners with the same measures. Check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts for daily updates on our projects.

This current World situation we’re experiencing is unprecedented. It is our goal to focus on our vision and continue to live our core values. In doing that we wish to continue to serve you and evolve with the times to keep you safe while you enjoy the fire in your homes. Together as an organization and a community we will push through this challenge and persevere on the other side of it. We will look back and be proud of how we weathered this storm. Be well!

Chris Becker, President



Free Basic Installation on Majestic and Mendota Inserts (includes gas line installation, liner installation and fireplace installation).

Permit, Freight, Electrician, Framing are additional. Must be installed by 8/15/21.