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The Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

With the winter months approaching, a cozy night by a warm fire becomes more and more appealing. Don’t have a fireplace installed at your home? Tired of the upkeep that comes with traditional wood fireplaces? Well, it’s possible that a gas fireplace may be a viable option for you and your home. Read on to learn about gas fireplaces and if they may be the right solution for your home.

How do gas fireplaces work?

Luckily, gas fireplaces add convenience not available to traditional wood fireplaces. Rather than chopping wood and lugging it inside to keep your fire lit and providing warmth, a gas fireplace is ready to go with the turn of a switch of click of a button. They’re an extremely efficient solution, as no heat is lost out an open flue to your roof like traditional fireplaces require. The heat is consistent and reliable — they don’t even require electricity to get started. This means you can have a reliable heat source (like traditional fireplaces) even when you lose power. 

Do they look similar to traditional fireplaces?

The short answer is they can, or they can be completely different or modern. They can simply be inserts installed into an existing fireplace if you’re interested in the convenience.

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Or, you can have a completely new build that takes on a modern look. They come in a range of colors, styles, and materials. Most have very realistic flames and fake wood that resemble traditional wood-burning fireplaces as well. However, few resemble the crackle you may experience from a traditional fire. 

Is having a gas line fireplace safe?

Yes! There are many safety features built into modern gas fireplace inserts or builds. By having a very controlled fire, you minimize the risk of accidents such as sparks flying and catching fire. Additionally, they feature a sealed combustion system as well as traditional safety screens if you have pets or children to worry about. 

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You also take away most upkeep that comes with traditional fireplaces. There are no ashes or soot to keep up on. Meaning, that there isn’t creosote which can be potentially toxic to inhale. Also, creosote poses a risk for unwanted house fires — so taking that completely out of the mix reduces safety concerns.

Ready to make the switch to a gas fireplace? 

Call Twin City Fireplace today to speak with our expert team to get started. While there are many benefits for traditional fireplaces, technology today helps to keep gas fireplaces in the running. Our expert team can help to determine the best plan and approach if you’re interested in installing a new fireplace or updating an existing one. Call us today to get the process started; if you’re in Edina, you can reach us at 952-941-2685 and if you’re in Woodbury, you can reach us at 651-204-0112.