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Wood Burning Stove

When you want the charm of a wood-burning fire but lack the space or budget for a fireplace, a free-standing wood-burning stove is an excellent choice. No wonder wood stoves are such popular heating appliances in Minnetonka, uptown Minneapolis, and homes throughout the Twin Cities Area.

However, buying a wood-burning stove can be challenging, especially since so many models are available in a range of sizes, styles, heat output, and other features. That's why many Minnesotans trust Twin City Fireplace for their home heating needs. In addition to selling the most popular brands, we provide professional installation, inspection, and cleaning.

Wood burning stove available for purchase in Hastings MN

Wood Is a Carbon-Neutral, Sustainable Energy Source

If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, you will find a wood-burning stove is an excellent way to meet that goal. Unlike fossil fuels, wood is a sustainable, renewable, and recyclable energy resource. According to the EPA, wood is a carbon-neutral resource because wood-burning emits no more emissions than a tree naturally decomposing in a forest.

Wood-Burning Fireplace Vs. Stove

There are many similarities between a wood-burning fireplace and a stove. They both can burn wood logs or pellets as fuel to generate heat in your living space. However, there are also some fundamental differences between the two heating appliances:

Wood-burning stoves have a significantly higher heat output than masonry fireplaces. This is because the closed chamber of a free-standing stove, similar to an insert, burns the wood more efficiently with less smoke and pollution. On the other hand, much of the heat from a fireplace escapes up the chimney. As a result, a wood stove will generate more heat with less fuel than a fireplace. Depending on the size of the wood stove, it can keep up to a 3,200 square-foot room warm for hours. Also, wood stoves typically have a closed door with a large viewing window, which prevents heat loss while providing a front-row seat to spectacular fire performance.

Why Buy a Wood-Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves installation in Eden Prairie & White Bear Lake MN
  • Its high heating efficiency rating dramatically lowers energy bills.
  • We carry free-standing wood-burning and pellet stoves.
  • Easier to install, clean, and maintain.
  • Use as primary, supplemental, or zone heating.
  • Install practically anywhere in the home – even in a corner.
  • Enjoy a natural wood-burning experience that is easy on a budget.

Higher Energy Efficiency, Lower Heating Costs

The wood-burning stoves at the Twin City Fireplace showrooms are 3.6 times more energy-efficient than a masonry fireplace, making them an excellent way to reduce heating costs for essentially nothing more than the cost of wood. That can amount to hundreds of dollars of annual energy savings compared to your electric, oil, or gas utility bill. Plus, the higher heat efficiency makes using a wood stove as a primary heating appliance possible.

Twin City Fireplace has a large selection of top-rated energy-efficient free-standing wood-burning stoves from the brands that consumers trust the most for their home heating needs. See them in action when you visit our showrooms in Edina and Woodbury, just minutes from anywhere in the Twin Cities Area.