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Chimney Tops

Chimney tops are one of the most critical components for maintaining a safe and efficient masonry or manufactured fireplace. They cover the exposed flue duct to prevent air, moisture, pests, and debris from damaging the venting system. They also serve as an important safety feature, reducing fire risk and exposure to deadly carbon monoxide fumes.

That’s why Twin City Fireplace specializes in selling and installing high-quality chimney tops, like flue covers, chase tops, top closing dampers, and more. Our chimney tops are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions that are part of living in the beautiful upper Midwest. In addition, there are various distinctive styles and durable materials to choose from that will enhance your chimney and your home’s curb appeal.

New chimney top installations in Prior Lake & Lakeville MN

Chimney Flue Cover

A chimney flue cover keeps moisture, animals, and debris from the damaging effects of water and flue obstructions. Annual inspections are necessary to avoid problems caused by clogged ducts or other damage that could result in fire or exposure to carbon monoxide. Twin City Fireplace has chimney flue covers in different styles and materials for your brick or stone masonry chimney.

Top Closing Dampers

A top closing (or top mount) damper is the best choice for your fireplace for optimal energy efficiency and more effortless operation. Unlike conventional throat dampers, the damper’s ingenious design completely seals the entire flue system to keep cold air out and maintain the warmth in your living space even after the fire has burned out. Additionally, it comes with a durable chimney cap that will protect against moisture, small animals, and debris.

Chimney Chase Top Covers

Your manufactured fireplace has many advantages, such as easy installation, higher heating efficiency, and less maintenance. Maintaining your chimney chase top cover is vital to ensure that these benefits don’t interfere with the ambiance of a safe fire-burning experience. Otherwise, rain, snow, and pests can damage the fireplace and venting system, leading to costly repairs and premature replacement. If your chimney chase top is rusting or damaged, Twin City Fireplace has you covered. Our professionals will help you select the right cover for your chimney.

Custom Chimney Caps

While a chimney flue cover does an excellent job keeping animals, debris, and moisture out of the flue, your cement or concrete chimney crown is still vulnerable to water damage. That's where our exclusive line of custom chimney caps fits in. Our custom chimney caps are fabricated right here in The Twin Cities Area and are measured to fit the entire width of your chimney. It also includes a substantial drip edge for enhanced protection – deflecting wind, rain, snow, and sleet away from the chimney. In addition, it will help protect its porous masonry surface from cracks, reducing the need for chimney crown repairs and rebuilding.

Top quality custom chimney caps for sale in Woodbury & Golden Valley MN

Twin City Fireplace is the premier licensed contractor-dealer in the Greater Minneapolis – St. Paul region that sells, installs, and repairs the best chimney tops, including flue covers, custom chimney caps, chase covers, and top-mount dampers for brick and stone masonry and manufactured chimneys.