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Top Closing Dampers

If your Minneapolis or St. Paul home has a traditional masonry chimney, chances are it also has a conventional throat damper. This metal or cast-iron device is at the bottom of the flue, right above the firebox. Opening and closing the damper lets you regulate the air intake to adjust the heat when a wood or gas fire is burning in the fireplace. It also allows smoke and other harmful combustion materials to vent up the chimney so they exit your home more efficiently.

However, these "old-fashioned" dampers often suffer from severe wear and tear due to age and the intense heat of being so close to the flames. In addition, the corrosive combustion gases, moisture, and creosote can damage the damper beyond repair, requiring replacement. As a result, many Minnesotans are installing top closing dampers that are proving more economical and practical in the long run with safer fireside experiences.

What is a Top Closing Damper?

Top-closing dampers, also called top-mount or top-sealing dampers, are superior for chimney protection. Unlike a standard throat damper, top-sealing dampers attach to the top of your chimney flue and feature an integrated chimney cap. This design completely seals the inside of the chimney from the top of the stack, so rain and snow don't get inside the flue. It also prevents wildlife and debris from causing a flue obstruction.

A top closing damper also has a spring release system making it easier to operate than a standard throat damper. A top-closing damper will improve chimney draft and fireplace heating efficiency while reducing energy bills. During the winter, your top-closing damper will keep the heat your fireplace generates inside your living space longer. During the summer, it will prevent the air conditioning from leaking out of the house through the chimney, reducing cooling costs.

When Your Fireplace Damper Needs Replacement

  • The damper is rusting or corroded.
  • The damper is warping.
  • There is rain leaking into the fireplace when the damper is closed.
  • The damper is stuck or is challenging to open or close.
Top closing damper for installation in Orono & Lakeville MN

Benefits of Installing a Top-Mount Damper

Top closing damper repair & installation in Woodbury & Victoria MN

Since a top-mount damper also functions as a durable chimney cap, it provides many benefits not found in a throat damper:

  • It seals the entire flue from the top of the chimney.
  • It prevents animals and pests from entering the vent.
  • It reduces downdrafts, which can cause a smokey fireplace.
  • It helps to keep the inside of your chimney cleaner.
  • It improves energy efficiency all year long.

Twin City Fireplace is the premier contractor for installing, inspecting, and repairing top closing dampers in Hennepin County, Washington County, and Greater Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN townships.