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Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts

Many folks in Bloomington, MN, and across the Twin Cities area are considering installing a fireplace, stove, or fireplace insert for primary or supplemental home heating. And they're not just for indoor spaces anymore. More Minnesotans are adding gas, wood, pellet, and electric fireplaces to make their outdoor living space a warm and luxurious gathering place at any time of year. Plus, with so many energy-efficient models available, it's a great way to save money on energy bills and increase your property value.

Call Twin City Fireplace at (952) 941-2685 (West Loop) or (651) 204-0112 (East Loop) to consult with a home heating professional. Or visit our showrooms in Edina, MN, and Woodbury, MN, to see the latest high-performing, energy-efficient fireplaces, inserts, and stoves on display. Our knowledgeable and friendly home heating specialists will help you select the best appliance for your home heating needs and arrange for professional installation.

New fireplaces being installed in Becker & Edina MN

Masonry Fireplace

We carry a wide range of fireplaces in our showrooms and warehouse in the latest styles, from rustic and traditional, to modern and sleek. Once you choose the gas, wood, or pellet fireplace for your space, our masonry artisans customize the Surround and mantle in your choice of materials, such as brick, stone, slate, or metal. You can even go frameless for a spectacular modern, sleek design that looks like the flames are dancing in the air.

Fireplace installation in Lonsdale & Plymouth MN

Fireplace Inserts

A fireplace insert will add a touch of warmth and sophistication to your home without the high maintenance and heat loss of a traditional masonry fireplace. In addition, since inserts are designed to fit inside the opening of an existing firebox, it's an easy and affordable way to upgrade an outdated hearth or to convert from one fuel source to another, such as wood-burning to gas-burning, and vice-versa.

New free standing stoves in Lakeville & Elk River MN

Heating Stoves – Gas, Wood, and Pellet

Heating stoves are back in vogue and are growing in popularity in homes across the Twin Cities. Their rise in popularity is due to the many trendy styles, sizes, and fuel options available, making it an affordable heating solution for any size home. Gas, wood, and pellet stoves are also easy to install and maintain, making them an excellent option for anyone wanting to take a bite out of rising energy costs.

The experienced hearth specialists at Twin City Fireplace are expert general contractors, gas fitters, and talented masons who provide unparalleled fireplace, stove, and fireplace insert installations for indoor and outdoor living spaces in Hennepin and Washington counties and throughout the Twin Cities region.