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Firebox Rebuild

The firebox is the large opening inside the fireplace where you stack the wood or gas log set to light a fire. So, the firebox is where the fire takes place. Since internal temperatures can rise to over 900°F, the firebox must be built using firebrick and refractory mortar. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. We have seen homes in the Twin Cities Area with fireboxes constructed with standard brick and mortar. Unfortunately, they required rebuilding within a few years because they didn't contain the refractory material necessary to withstand the high heat inside the fireplace. But even a well-maintained firebox will eventually succumb to the normal wear and tear of aging and need a rebuild.

What is Firebox Rebuilding?

Firebox rebuilding is a highly specialized process performed by masons with experience repairing or replacing the firebox. Over time, corrosive combustion gases, water leaks, chimney fires, normal wear, and tear, or other damage can cause the brick and mortar to erode. Rebuilding the firebox increases its heating efficiency and reduces fire risk when using your gas or wood-burning fireplace.

Firebox rebuilding services in Lakeville & Victoria MN

Signs Your Firebox Needs Rebuilding

The firebox is where the fire burns, so it's critical to have regular cleaning, inspections, and repairs to avoid problems like excessive smoke, poor drafts, and excessive heat. However, when your fireplace isn't working as well as it should or if you notice any of the following signs, then it may be time to have your firebox rebuilt:

  • The fire burns for a short time and then goes out.
  • Your fires are smokey.
  • There are cracks in the brick or mortar.
  • There is structural damage to the firebox.
  • There is excessive soot, ashes, and creosote on the walls in the firebox.

When your firebox is beyond repair, you can count on the highly skilled masons at Twin City Fireplace to provide an exceptional rebuild using top-quality firebrick and refractory mortar for long-lasting performance for Minnesotans in Hennepin, Washington counties, and surrounding Greater Minneapolis St. Paul communities.