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Gas Fireplaces

As Minnesotans, we are used to cold and snowy winters. But while much of the country was enjoying the spring weather, folks in Minnetonka, Bloomington, and the Minneapolis-St. Paul area braced for the 8th snowiest winter on record with over 6-1/2 feet of snowfall. That means higher energy bills for many Midwesterners.

Gas fireplace located in Plymouth MN

At Twin City Fireplace, we’re helping customers lower their heating costs with a gas fireplace. They are clean burning, extremely efficient, and very easy to operate. Plus, they are available in many different sizes and designs that will enhance indoor or outdoor living spaces in both new construction and remodeled homes. We can install them as freestanding units or build them into a wall or corner.

Types of Gas Fireplaces

Direct vent: A direct vent fireplace draws air outside the home for combustion, venting the exhaust through an existing chimney or exterior vent.

B-Vent: A B-vent, sometimes called a natural vent, draws the cooler indoor air into the fireplace's combustion chamber, which is expelled through a vent pipe above the roofline. It's a cost-effective venting system for homes that want a safe, efficient, and realistic fire-burning experience but don't have an existing chimney.

Gas Fireplaces Have These Great Features:

Gas fireplace installation in Lakeville MN
  • Up to 75% more efficient than a traditional fireplace.
  • Custom fireplace surrounds, re-facing, and remodeling.
  • Professional installation by licensed General Contractors and Gas Fitters
  • It can be installed in practically any room in the house – inside or outside.
  • Gas log sets mimic a natural wood fire-burning experience, minus the pollution.
  • Available in natural gas and propane models.

Excellent With or Without a Chimney

A gas fireplace would be an excellent investment for any home in the Twin Cities, whether initially built with or without a chimney. We can install a beautiful gas fireplace in your den, living room, master bedroom, or outdoor living space, giving you the ambiance of a traditional wood fire experience without the emissions or the expense of building a chimney. So whether you want to convert that inefficient masonry wood-burning fireplace into a gas-heating powerhouse or are installing a fireplace for the first time, we have a gas fireplace that will match your lifestyle and budget.

Twin City Fireplace has many energy-efficient gas fireplaces for existing homes and new construction. Visit our showrooms in Edina and Woodbury, just minutes from anywhere in Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul.