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Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning

While inspecting, cleaning, and repairing a fireplace or wood stove is a vital role of a local chimney sweep, their primary function is fire prevention. As noted by the more than 20,000 house fires annually, if you have a fireplace or wood stove, it's essential to have it cleaned regularly. Our professional chimney sweep will clear obstructions and remove soot and creosote from your chimney, which can build up and cause a fire. We will also inspect your chimney for brick spall, cracking, rusting, or other damage. Then, we will clean your fireplace or wood stove, removing flammable creosote, so it’s ready to light when you desire a warm, fire-burning experience.

Chimney Cleaning

Your chimney is critical for venting smoke and exhaust from your fireplace and wood-burning stove. So, it is vital to keep it clean and well-maintained. Our professional chimney services plays a critical role in keeping your home and family safe, but also helping to prevent a chimney fire that can spread and damage your neighbor’s property. Here’s why you need a professional chimney cleaning:

  • Reduce the risk of fire and exposure to toxic carbon monoxide gas
  • Remove rotting animals, debris, and corrosive residues in the chimney.
  • We utilize specialized tools and equipment to remove flammable creosote deposits thoroughly.
  • Improve the efficiency of your fireplace and wood stove.
  • Reduce energy costs.
Chimney sweeping services available in Delano & Edina MN

Chimney Service

Investing in professional chimney cleaning services is wise for any homeowner in White Bear Lake, MN, Maple Grove, MN, and the Twin Cities Area. A clean chimney will help warm your home, making it more comfortable while minimizing heat loss through the fireplace or chimney. It will also allow us to identify potential problems deep inside your chimney and repair them as needed, avoiding costly repairs or replacements later.

Chimney cleaning available in Minnetonka & Woodbury MN

Fireplace Cleaning

Our fireplace cleaning service will help prevent a surprise chimney or house fire, reduce repairs, and extend the life of your fireplace and internal components. Every time you light the fireplace, flammable creosote concentrates inside the chimney. Plus, the gases naturally created during the combustion of wood and gas fuels are highly corrosive. They will rust metal components and eat through the masonry. So, if you see any soot, oily or flaky deposits, or dark streaks inside the fireplace or around the surround and mantle, your gas, pellet, or wood fireplace is overdue for a thorough cleaning.

Chimney sweeps in Edina & New Prague MN

Wood Stove Cleaning

Twin City Fireplace also specializes in cleaning pellet and wood-burning stoves and inserts. Like fireplaces, your woodstove is susceptible to the same type of fire and carbon monoxide exposure risks from ash, soot, and creosote deposits. Although your wood stove may look good when you open the door, deep inside, the narrow flue pipe, elbows, and connectors are where most of the build-up occurs. When the build-up inside the piping thickens, it restricts the airflow needed for proper exhaust venting, which can cause smoke and fumes to fill up inside your house!

Professional chimney sweeps available in Blaine & Lonsdale MN

Creosote Removal

This material, primarily carbon and tar, become increasingly flammable as it lingers in the chimney. It starts as a primarily sooty substance, known as stage 1, that is easy to clean with regular chimney sweeping. However, it eventually hardens into a dark, tarry, and crusty material that is very flammable. We call this stage 3 or glazed creosote. Both stage two and three creosote are dangerous and difficult to remove without the professional tools, supplies, and equipment our professional chimney sweep brings to every appointment.

Twin City Fireplace provides unparalleled chimney sweep services, including inspections, fireplace-wood stove cleaning, and creosote removal in Hennepin, Washington counties, and surrounding Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul communities.