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Gas Service

Many Minnesotans use gas-fueled appliances, including fireplaces, inserts, and stoves, to heat their homes in the Twin Cities.  While its cleaner-burning fuel and less maintenance are significant advantages, gas appliances need annual service to ensure they are not a fire or health hazard.  It will also prolong the useful life of your gas appliances, minimizing repairs and avoiding premature replacement.
Gas services for gas burning fireplaces in Minnetrista & Blaine MN

Gas Service – Fireplaces, Inserts, & Heating Stoves

Gas fireplaces are efficient and clean burning, but they need regular care and maintenance to operate safely.  Without an annual gas service, they risk leaking potentially hazardous carbon monoxide gas into your home.  Additionally, dirt, pet hair, and other clogging particles can accumulate in the burner, reducing efficiency and producing higher energy bills.  Also, regular service helps to lengthen the lifespan of your fireplace, insert, stove, and other heating appliances.  It also makes costly repairs less likely, which translates into big savings!

These are some of the safety checks that our licensed gas technician performs during a service call:

  • Perform a function test to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Check the oxygen and carbon monoxide (CO) levels.
  • Examine gas valves, pipes, and fittings for rusting or leaking.
  • Ensure the ignition system and pilot light are firing correctly.
  • Inspect the gas log set for damage like cracks, dents, or chips.
  • Look for excessive soot in the heating appliance and vents.
  • Clean blocked burner ports.
  • Check the wiring and blades on the fan blower motor.
  • Inspect the chimney and venting system.

Gas Stove Service

Gas services for gas burning stoves in Northfield & Lakeville MN

From Independence to Lakeland, MN, many folks depend on their gas stove to keep their home warm and comfortable while reducing utility bills.  The most important thing you can do to ensure it continues to work safely and efficiently is to have it serviced annually.  Our gas service technician will clean your stove, inspect it for any damage, and make any necessary repairs.  The technician will also ensure your ventilation system is expelling the exhaust correctly.  This is important because a gas stove produces carbon monoxide, which can be deadly if it builds up in your home.

Gas Fireplace Insert Service

You invested when installing a gas fireplace insert in your home.  And like all investments, it must be adequately cared for to keep it running safely and efficiently.  That's why Twin City Fireplace recommends annual service for gas fireplace inserts.  Although a gas insert doesn’t have the creosote build-up of a wood-burning appliance, it still needs yearly servicing.  First, our maintenance service can help extend your insert's life.  Proper care will provide safe, clean, and efficient home heating for many years.  Regular service also helps prevent minor problems from becoming more extensive repairs.  And finally, annual service can help ensure that your fireplace insert is continuously operating at peak efficiency, saving money on your energy bills.

Gas services for gas burning inserts available in Edina & Medota Heights MN

Twin City Fireplace provides safe, reliable, and efficient gas service, including inspections, maintenance, and repairs for fireplaces, inserts, and heating stoves in Hennepin, Washington counties, and surrounding townships in Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN.