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Spring Refresh: Including Chimney Sweeping in Your Seasonal Cleaning Routine

How often do I need to clean my chimney? The answer to this question differs based on who you ask. Read more

How to Spot and Avoid Fraudulent Chimney Companies 

Embellished Damage Claims After a cursory inspection, scammers will claim that your chimney has extensive damage or blockages that require Read more

Why Is My Chimney Pulling Away From My House?

Now that we’ve covered the main culprit of a leaning chimney, let’s look at some other subtle hints that you Read more

Ways to Identify and Seal Chimney Drafts

Main Reasons for A Drafty Chimney If you are experiencing cold air from your chimney, there are two main causes. Read more

The Different Materials Used For Fireplace Surrounds

Wood Even though wood is flammable, it makes a great material option for fireplace surrounds. So long as the panelling Read more

Why Choose An Outdoor Fireplace?

Outdoor cooking? Makes it easier! Are you a fan of cooking? How about cooking outside? Even if you have a Read more

Tips for Sustaining a Cozy Hearth All Night Long

Opt for Dry, Seasoned Wood When you think of a cozy, comfy fire, you likely don’t imagine a smoky and Read more

Winter Chimney Safety for Homes with Children

Watch Your Kids Always make sure to monitor children when there’s a fire burning. The hot glass doors can cause Read more

Snowfall Woes: How to Handle Snow in Your Chimney

How else can I avoid damage? Make sure to keep up with your annual cleanings and inspections. If you notice Read more

Creating Ambiance: Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Gas Fireplace

The decision mainly comes down to preference and desired aesthetic. Remember to make sure to check with your chimney expert Read more