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Chimney & Fireplace Repairs

Your chimney and fireplace add beauty and prestige and give your home that charming, warm, and inviting atmosphere that is a standard of living for many Minnesotans in Bloomington, Mendota Heights, and throughout the Minneapolis – St. Paul area. However, both chimneys and fireplaces will need repair from time to time. Whether it’s a water leak from heavy snow, an obstruction from an owl or other critter stuck in the flue, or another problem, quick action is necessary to avoid more extensive repairs to your chimney, fireplace, and venting system.

We Provide Expert Chimney & Fireplace Repair Services

With over 340 years of combined experience, Twin City Fireplace provides only the best chimney and fireplace services. Our skilled masons are indeed experts in their craft. They provide quality service and superior materials for every project, from minor chimney and fireplace repairs to complete rebuilds.

Fireplace repairs in Plymouth & Eagan MN

Chimney Liners

Chimney liners are one of the most critical fire prevention components. The liner runs through the entire length of the flue, protecting inner chimney walls by channeling heat and combustion gases up the flue and out of the stack. Unfortunately, these byproducts are pretty corrosive, so if the liner has cracks or damage, or there's a build-up of creosote from not cleaning correctly—the intense heat inside the flue can spark a blazing chimney fire that can quickly spread throughout your entire house in less than three minutes! We recommend relining with stainless steel chimney liners to keep your home and family safe.

Firebox Repair & Rebuilding

It's often overlooked, but the firebox is the heart and soul of a fireplace. However, the intense heat of the flames, corrosive combustion gases, and drafting problems can accelerate the deterioration of the firebrick and mortar, requiring firebox repair and rebuilding. With expert masonry artisans at your side, we will restore your firebox using the highest quality firebrick and refractory mortar.

Chimney Repointing

The mortar joints in masonry chimneys eventually absorb moisture and decay, resulting in hazardous conditions when using a gas or wood-burning fireplace, insert, or heating stove. To restore the integrity of your chimney, our highly experienced masons use a technique known as repointing. The technician removes the old mortar, filling the affected joints with high-quality mortar. This will improve the strength, safety, and performance, turning back the clock of a water-damaged chimney.

Chimney & fireplace repairs available in Elk River & Woodbury MN

Brick & Masonry Repair

The extreme and unpredictable upper Midwest climate can be a thorn in the side of a brick and masonry chimney. From blizzards and sub-zero temperatures in the winter to hot and humid summers, your chimney will need some brick and masonry repair sooner or later. From individual brick replacement and masonry repair to repointing and tuck-pointing, Twin City Fireplace will restore your chimney, improving its strength and appearance so you can safely use your fireplace again with confidence.

Chimney Rebuilding

When your brick or stone masonry has severe damage beyond repair, chimney rebuilding is often the best option to prevent a structural collapse. Not only can a chimney collapse cause extensive property damage, but it can also injure someone in the way of an avalanche of bricks falling off the stack. Our masonry professionals provide exceptional partial and complete chimney rebuilding services in communities throughout the Twin Cities Area.

Greater Minneapolis – St. Paul homeowners trust Twin City Fireplace for fast and efficient smoke chamber parging & masonry repair using high-quality materials that withstand our climate in Hennepin County, Washington County, and the Twin Cities Area.