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Gas Log Sets

With a brutally frigid and snowy winter, many folks in Golden Valley, Chanhassen, and throughout Minneapolis-St. Paul, who depends on electric heating, noticed much higher electric bills this year. Unfortunately, like many utilities nationwide, Xcel Energy received approval to raise electric rates even higher for next year. As a result, many homeowners in the Twin Cities are considering installing vented gas log sets to reduce home heating costs.

New gas log installations in Edina & Medota Heights MN

Benefits of Installing a Gas Log Set:

  • Higher heating output.
  • Cleaner-burning fuel.
  • Reduces home heating costs.
  • It can be used for primary, supplemental, and zone heating.
  • Has the coziness of a wood fire-burning experience.

Higher Heat Output

Due to its advanced design and more efficient combustion chamber, gas log sets distribute over 70% more radiating heat into the living space than a conventional fireplace. And with a heat output range of up to 60,000 BTUs and more, it provides sufficient heat for use as a primary, supplemental, or zone heating appliance.

Improves Safety

New gas log sets for sale in Blaine & Burnsville MN 

Gas log sets are also safer than traditional wood log fireplaces. Since the gas flames wrap around a fire-resistant ceramic log, no hot embers or sparks fly around the flue that could cause a chimney fire.

Also, when you turn off the gas logs, the flames go out instantly, so there is no risk of hot ashes reigniting a fire.

More Economical to Maintain

When proper maintenance, including annual cleaning and safety inspections per manufacturer specifications, a gas log set can last for years before it will need replacement. Since there are no wood logs to buy and store and no ashes to dump and recycle, the only cost of operating the gas logs is the propane or natural gas fuel your fireplace consumes to heat your home.

Twin City Fireplace has many gas logs sets for vented fireplaces with professional installation. Visit our showrooms in Edina and Woodbury, just minutes from anywhere in Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul.