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Wood Burning Insert

Wood-burning inserts are an outstanding and affordable option for improving the efficiency of your traditional masonry wood-burning fireplace, even if you reside in an older home in a historic neighborhood in downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul. An insert is a self-containing fireplace with a combustion chamber inside a fire-resistant box. They are manufactured in a range of sizes to fit inside an existing firebox.

A wood-burning insert also has a built-in flue pipe that goes up the chimney. Typically, installation doesn’t require any chimney modifications. In addition, its closed-combustion system distributes more heat throughout your living space. Meanwhile, a traditional masonry fireplace loses up to 85 percent of the heat through the chimney, which is one of the reasons your fireplace is drafty.

Wood burning insert installed in home in Minnetrista & Medota Heights MN

The Difference Between A Wood-Burning Fireplace & An Insert

The main difference is that a wood-burning fireplace is more for aesthetics because it is a notoriously inefficient source for home heating. On the other hand, a wood-burning insert draws air from the room, venting up the chimney through its attached flue pipe. In addition, its closed combustion system prevents heat loss, thus radiating more heat throughout your living space. So, you won’t need to wear a sweater to keep warm when sitting beside the fireplace.

Convert a Gas Fireplace to Wood-Burning

Many Minnesotans have found that a wood-burning insert is a quick and affordable way to convert their gas fireplace into a wood-burning fireplace. An insert provides a traditional fire-burning experience without the emissions that a conventional masonry fireplace produces. So it's much easier to clean and maintain.

Requires No Chimney Modifications

Get a new wood burning insert in New Prague & Minnetonka MN

One of the most significant advantages of a wood-burning insert is that installation typically requires no chimney modifications. But it gets even better. Our trained technicians can install a  wood-burning insert in practically any space, even in homes without a fireplace or chimney. It's also an excellent option for smaller rooms that don't have the clearance that a traditional wood-burning fireplace requires.

Benefits of a Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert:

  • Provides up to 70% more heat output than a traditional fireplace.
  • Economically convert a gas fireplace to wood-burning.
  • Significantly reduces heating costs.
  • An affordable way to upgrade an older, inefficient masonry fireplace.
  • In most cases, installation requires no chimney modifications.
  • Environmentally friendly wood fuel doesn’t increase carbon footprint.
Wood burning insert available in Northfield & Lonsdale MN

Twin City Fireplace has wood-burning inserts in many sizes and styles to suit your preferences and home heating needs. Visit our showrooms in Edina and Woodbury, just minutes from anywhere in Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul.