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Chimney Crown Repair

A cracked crown is one of the most common chimney repairs we perform daily for customers in the Twin Cities Area. Because the weather in the upper Midwest swings from extreme cold to very hot as the seasons change, minor cracks can develop into severe damage requiring crown rebuilding.

The chimney crown is that cement slab covering the top of your stack around the flue pipe. It will have a drip edge when properly constructed to deflect rain and snow away from the chimney. A chimney cap or chase top covers the exposed flue pipe. It also helps protect the crown from water damage. So, if your chimney cap or chase cover is rusting, damaged, or missing, contact Twin City Fireplace to schedule a chimney inspection as soon as possible.

Cracked Crown Repair

A chimney crown that has cracks allows moisture to penetrate inside the interior masonry walls that can damage the liner, smoke chamber, damper, and other components requiring additional repairs or early replacement of these parts. It can also negatively impact the chimney’s structural integrity. Therefore, we typically recommend repairing or sealing the surface cracks to avoid the cost of rebuilding the crown.

So, how do we repair the crown on your chimney? One of the professional solutions we use for improving a chimney crown is ChimneySaver® CrownCoat™. It’s a brushable elastomeric sealant that our trained technicians can apply even in temperatures as low as -40°F. The waterproof sealant will help protect the crown from future cracks in all weather conditions. However, partial or complete rebuilding may be necessary if the chimney crown has severe damage.

Chimney crown repairs available to home in Blaine & Hastings MN

Crown Rebuilding

Chimney crown repair & rebuilding available in Hastings & Plymouth MN

When the chimney crown has severe damage like missing pieces, gaping holes, or crumbling, rebuilding it will protect the chimney and venting system from more extensive damage is the best option. However, when damage is limited to a small area, we can often reconstruct the damaged portion of the crown. Otherwise, our skilled masons and chimney technicians will remove the damaged crown and rebuild a stunning new, durable chimney crown that will protect your chimney system and withstand the upper Midwest climate.

Common Causes of Chimney Crown Damage

So, what causes chimney crown damage in the first place? Here are the most common causes that require chimney crown repair or rebuilding in North Oaks, MN; New Prague, MN; and surrounding townships in the Twin Cities Area:

  • Cracks in the crown
  • Crumbling or flaking mortar
  • Gaps between the bricks
  • Lightning strike
  • Snow accumulation
  • Foundation settling
  • Improper construction or maintenance

Annual chimney inspections are the best way to help spot minor cracks in the crown before they grow into severe damage requiring rebuilding.

Chimney crown repairs available in Stillwater & Edina MN

The talented masonry professionals at Twin City Fireplace provide unparalleled chimney crown repair or rebuilding using the highest quality materials to enhance your chimney with an improved appearance and long-lasting chimney protection from the elements in Hennepin County, Washington County, and townships in Greater Minneapolis St. Paul.