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Pellet Inserts

For Minnesotans living in Burnsville, Maple Grove, and neighboring townships in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area that want a wood-burning fire experience without having to keep adding logs to the fire, a pellet insert is an outstanding choice. Adding a pellet insert into your existing masonry fireplace is a great way to improve your fireplace's heating efficiency. Plus, they are a clean and green home heating solution. So, you will save money on your heating bill and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously!

New pellet insert installs in Stillwater & Blaine MN

What Are Pellets?

Pellets are produced from compressed wood or other biomass materials. Once loaded into the hopper, they are automatically fed into the combustion chamber to produce heat.

Pellet Insert Vs. Wood or Gas?

Twin City Fireplaces offers a wide selection of home heating appliances, including wood-burning, gas, and pellet inserts. A pellet insert is a stove that burns pellets made from compressed wood. Which is the best option for your home? Pellet inserts are an excellent choice for Midwesterners who want a clean, energy-efficient way to heat their home without increasing their carbon footprint. Pellet inserts are also easy to operate and can heat a single room or an entire house. Wood-burning and gas fireplaces and stoves are other popular options for home heating. However, both require more maintenance than a pellet insert.

The Benefits of a Pellet Fireplace Insert:

Pellet insert installed in Edina & Maple Grove MN
  • It is more energy efficient than wood-burning inserts.
  • They are greener and cleaner burning heaters than wood or gas inserts.
  • Easy to use for hours of continuous heating.
  • Great for upgrading an older, inefficient masonry fireplace or stove.
  • Simpler installation that usually doesn’t require chimney modifications.
  • Low maintenance.

New pellet burning inserts for sale & installation in Woodbury & Golden Valley MN

Converting a Gas Fireplace to Pellet

Twin City Fireplace is a licensed general contractor, which is why so many homeowners choose us for their gas fireplace to pellet insert conversions. Pellet inserts are available in a range of sizes and designs to give you the wood-burning experience you desire. Since pellets are compressed wood, it combusts more efficiently, providing a higher level of continuous heat than a conventional gas fireplace. Plus, a pellet insert is better for the environment too.

Easy Operation

A pellet insert is also much easier to operate. Simply pour a bag of wood pellets into the hopper and adjust the thermostat. When the room temperature falls below the temperature setting, the fireplace or stove insert will automatically ignite, and the pellets will drop into the combustion chamber to fuel the heat. Pellets are typically available in 20-pound and 40-pound bags in assorted hardwood species like applewood, hickory, mesquite, and more. In addition, some pellet fuels are infused with spices that fill the air with a fresh scent. Explore our two showrooms in the Twin Cities to purchase premium pellets for your insert.

Twin City Fireplace has top-performing pellet fireplace and stove inserts in sizes and styles to suit your lifestyle and home heating needs. Visit our showrooms in Edina and Woodbury, just minutes from anywhere in Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul.