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Fireplace Inserts

Are you interested in giving your outdated masonry fireplace a makeover, but the cost to restore it is more than you can afford? Then, a fireplace insert is just what you need. Fireplace inserts are an affordable way to update your fireplace's appearance, improve heating efficiency, and reduce rising energy bills.

So, if you want to improve your home's heating efficiency and reduce energy costs, a fireplace insert may be the perfect fit.

What Are Fireplace Inserts

So, what are fireplace inserts? They are manufactured fireplaces wrapped in a water and fire-resistant metal or iron box that fits directly into your existing fireplace opening. We have electric, gas, and wood-burning inserts in many fashionable styles, from rustic and traditional to contemporary and sleek. Since gas and wood inserts also include a flue pipe, installation is faster and less expensive because it usually doesn't require chimney modifications.

Gas inserts available for installation in Woodbury MN

Gas Inserts

Many Minnesotans in Maple Grove, Mendota, and surrounding Twin Cities communities are using gas inserts to modernize an existing wood-burning fireplace into a cleaner-burning and energy-efficient home heating solution. It's also an affordable way to give your masonry fireplace an instant makeover, making it once again the charming focal point of any indoor or outdoor living space. Twin City Fireplace, a licensed general contractor and gas fitter, offers vented gas fireplace inserts with professional installation.

Electric fireplace inserts available for installation in St Louis Park MN

Electric Inserts

Electric fireplace inserts are increasingly popular in both new construction and home remodels. They are inserted directly into the opening of an existing masonry fireplace, offering the ambiance of the glowing flames of a traditional fire without exhaust or fire hazards. Thus, they are a safe, energy-efficient source of supplemental home heating. An electric insert is easy to install since only a standard outlet is required. Sometimes, it may require a dedicated circuit, especially when using it for heating and decorative purposes. Many inserts offer remote operation, flame-only, and a timer that automatically turns the fireplace off after a certain amount of time elapses.

Fireplace inserts being installed in Plymouth & Stillwater MN

Wood-Burning Inserts

Do you love your beautiful wood-burning fireplace but wish it would provide more heat? Installing a wood-burning insert is the solution. Designed to fit directly inside an existing masonry firebox, it instantly transforms an inefficient wood-burning fireplace into an eco-friendlier, more energy-efficient fireplace, radiating over 80% of the heat it generates throughout your living space. In addition, it delivers an authentic wood fire experience without a traditional masonry fireplace's smoke, creosote, and emissions.

The experienced hearth specialists at Twin City Fireplace are licensed general contractors, gas fitters, and talented masons who provide expert electric, gas, and wood-burning fireplace insert installations for indoor and outdoor living spaces in Hennepin and Washington counties and throughout the Twin Cities region.