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Linear Fireplace

Are you a trendsetter that bucks the traditional order? Then you will love everything a linear fireplace has to offer. Our modern linear fireplaces will give your home some swag that defines your unique lifestyle where creativity meets luxury.

What is A Linear Fireplace?

So, what is a linear fireplace? Long and narrow in shape, a linear fireplace is an excellent alternative to a traditional one for folks wanting a sleek and stylish modern fireplace design. Available in gas or electric, some linear fireplaces also feature music, authentic sounds of a crackling fire, and a flame-only feature when you want the visual ambiance without the heat.a

See through linear fireplace available for installation in Blaine & Stillwater MN

Types of Linear Fireplaces in Minneapolis

Built-in:  This linear fireplace builds or recesses the fireplace inside an interior or exterior wall. For example, we can install a double-sided linear fireplace into a free-standing wall that divides two rooms, such as the living room and dining room, for a spectacular visual effect. Plus, it provides ample heat for warming both rooms. A built-in or recessed linear fireplace is ideal for any contemporary home with an open floor plan.

Wall-mounted:  A wall-mounted linear unit is typically an electric fireplace suitable for mounting on a wall like a picture frame or free-standing on a tabletop. It's the perfect heating companion for smaller rooms and spaces with limited wall space.

Visit the Twin City Fireplace showroom near you to see our large selection of premium electric and linear gas fireplaces from America’s leading brands. Our trained heating specialists will help you select the model that will be the perfect fit for your indoor or outdoor living space.

Gas burning linear fireplace for purchase and installation in Lakeville & Elk River MN

Propane & Natural Gas Linear Fireplace

A linear gas fireplace is a great way to add warmth and ambiance to your home. Natural gas (LP) and linear propane fireplaces are available in various trendy and contemporary styles, so you can easily find the one that best fits your space. We also offer transparent see-through fireplaces for a spectacular two-sided flame viewing experience that adds the WOW! Factor when entertaining family and friends.

Electric linear fireplace installed in Becker & Edina MN

Electric Linear Fireplace

An electric linear fireplace is an excellent choice for a stylish, energy-efficient, affordable home heating solution. Linear fireplaces are long and narrow, making them perfect for smaller spaces. They also offer a clean and contemporary look that complements any home décor. They are also easy to install and plug into a standard electrical outlet. They are also safer because they don't produce fire or fumes. Best of all, they can be controlled with a simple remote or smartphone app (select models), so you can easily adjust the heat level to suit your needs from virtually anywhere.

Twin City Fireplace sells and installs premium electric and gas linear fireplaces to create a visually impressive focal point for any indoor or outdoor living space. See them on display at our showrooms in Edina and Woodbury, just minutes from inside or outside the loop in the Twin Cities Area.