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Ways to Identify and Seal Chimney Drafts

No one wants to experience chimney drafts at home. The only thing worse than inefficient heating is not being able to pinpoint where the cold drafts are coming from. Let’s look at some common signs that the cold is coming from chimney drafts. 

How to Avoid Chimney Drafts

Of course, any inconvenience to a homeowner is unfortunate. But what if we told you there is one easy method to limit the chances of winter drafts?

Regular maintenance and inspections could make a difference to this problem.  Below are some simple ways to stay on top of your chimney maintenance. 

  • Make sure to book your annual chimney cleaning. Note: if you have fires more frequently than a common household, you may need cleanings more often. 
  • Aside from your annual cleaning, schedule an inspection as well! Eyes early and often on all parts of your chimney can pinpoint any potential issues for drafts or catch big issues early. 

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Main Reasons for A Drafty Chimney

If you are experiencing cold air from your chimney, there are two main causes.

  • Draft Issues: Your chimney draft plays a huge role in sealing the outside from the inside; this includes cold air. This can simply be due to dampers not completely sealed or may require a replacement. 
  • Gaps & Cracks: Overtime, it is natural for gaps and cracks to occur in the mortar or other sealants. Sometimes, small gaps can become larger if water enters the cracks, freezes, and thaws. This can be easily caught and sealed up, so it is important to have those normal inspections to keep an eye on this. 

How to Fix These Issues:

Luckily, fixing a draft is typically a small task with a big reward. Pinpointing the small cracks or non-airtight draft seal can lower your electric bill and make for a warmer, more comfortable home all around. Fireplace caulk can be a quick fix for these small cracks. However, there are other solutions your chimney expert can choose such as insulating the chimney, adding weatherstripping to block the cold, or installing an additional draft stopper. 

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Drafty Chimney? Let Twin City Help

If you’re in the Minneapolis area, Twin City Fireplace, Masonry, and Chimney are the full-service experts to call. We have locations in Edina and Woodbury, MN with highly trained and experienced staff to help with any questions pertaining to chimney drafts. If you run into any issues with your home’s chimney or fireplace, we’re here to assist as quickly as possible.

We specialize in the sale, service, and installation of gas and wood-burning fireplaces for indoor and outdoor spaces. We’re also licensed general contractors, gas fitters, and skilled masons to give you a seamless experience from the first call to the finished installation. Contact us today in Edina at 952-941-2685 or Woodbury at 651-204-0112.