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How to Prepare for A Chimney Inspection

Did you know that you should be scheduling annual chimney inspections and cleanings? As a homeowner, it’s easy to lose track of necessary tasks, but this one isn’t one to forget. It’s crucial to clean out unwanted debris to minimize the risk of a housefire. After you schedule your inspection, there are a few things you can do to prep for your upcoming inspection to make it as smooth as possible.

Below are 4 things to think about ahead of your inspection.

Fireplace Inspections and Cleaning in New Prague MN

Ensure the fireplace is cool

Fire embers and ash can retain heat for hours after the fire goes out. Our best advice is to encourage homeowners to refrain from burning fires for at least 24 hours prior to their appointment. This ensures a safe and productive work environment for our team. To best complete an inspection, our chimney professionals will be in and around your chimney and fireplace so it’s important that the firebox isn’t hot.

Tip: Scheduling your annual inspection and cleaning in the summer months makes it easier to follow this suggestion. And, you’ll benefit from more appointment selection since it’s off-peak!

Remove Logs and any Valuable Decor

Soot or debris is normal (and what we’re there to clean), but if you have excess logs inside your fireplace, it’d be helpful to clear those out. While you’re at it, look for any decorations on the mantle, hearth, or other areas near the fireplace. If you see any that may get in the way or be at risk of getting damaged, it may be worth it to temporarily store those elsewhere. We try our absolute best to be extra careful, but we don’t want to break anything special or make them dirty.

Keep pets safe and away from the chimney

Make sure to keep your pets safe and comfortable by putting them in a separate room or crate away from the fireplace. This will ensure the process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. And, while we love pets, but don’t want to risk upsetting them while we’re in their home.

Have any questions about your fireplace?

If you’ve notices any concerns or issues with your fireplace, make sure to make a list ahead of time so you don’t forget any. We will likely find anything you may have noticed as a concern, but it’s always good to be proactive.

Chimney Inspections in Edina MN

Ready to schedule your inspection?

Call Twin City Fireplace today if you’re in or around Edina or Woodbury. We specialize in the sale, service, and installation of gas and wood-burning fire-places for indoor and outdoor spaces. We’re licensed general contractors, gas fitters, and skilled masons to give you a seamless experience from the first call to the finished installation.

Any issue that we may find during an inspection is one that we have the skills to address. We’ll get your chimney in top working shape as soon as possible. Contact us today in Edina at 952-941-2685 or Woodbury at 651-204-0112.