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Why Now Is The Best Time For Masonry Repairs

Minnesota has a short window when the air is warm, and the ice has thawed. That time, of course, is Spring and Summer, which is why now is the best time for masonry repairs to your chimney or fireplace. Let’s take a deeper dive into repairing your masonry fireplace or chimney during spring and summer.
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Reasons Why Spring & Summer Are Ideal for Chimney Repairs

Warm and Dry Weather

The weather in spring and summer is much better for inspecting your chimney; there is less of a chance of a chimney sweep losing their footing due to ice and snow. The weather is also vital to mortar, an essential component for masonry repairs like rebuilding or tuckpointing. The mortar needs low humidity to cure, meaning less rain or snow. If the weather is damp or freezing, it will derail the curing process, leading to thin and brittle joints, bringing about water damage or, worse, loose bricks.

Visual Inspections

As previously stated, the absence of snow and ice during spring and summer makes it easier to inspect your chimney thoroughly. These conditions help the chimney sweeps to assess any damage accurately and plan the necessary repairs, not to mention annual cleaning.

Getting Ready for the Gray Winter Months

Chimneys work overtime during Minnesota’s long winter months when heating systems are used the most. Undertaking repairs during Spring and Summer ensures that your chimney is in perfect working condition ahead of the heavy-use period, thereby avoiding mid-winter breakdowns. A breakdown during winter can be dangerous if you have no other working heating appliances.

Off-Peak Season

Generally, masonry and chimney sweep services are slow during the Spring and Summer, meaning it will be easy to get an appointment, and the work may be completed quicker than in fall or winter.
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Longer Daylight Hours

Love or hate daylight savings time; it provides longer outdoor work days due to more daylight hours for the work to be completed. Extra daylight can speed up the inspection and repair processes, making it much faster than in the fall or winter.

Seasonal Damage Assessment

Minnesota’s winter weather can be brutal on chimneys, and the freeze/thaw cycle can cause significant damage to the masonry of your chimney. Inspecting and repairing chimneys in Spring allows chimney sweeps to immediately address any damage caused during the winter, preventing more deterioration.

Annual Maintenance is Key

In order to avoid problems with your fireplace and chimney, annual maintenance is the best preventative. Finding potential issues before they escalate is the difference between a chimney and fireplace that last for decades and ones that have to be replaced after only a few years. Regardless of what month you have annual maintenance done, it is absolutely necessary.

Let Twin City Inspect Your Fireplace this Spring or Summer

Call if you’re in the Edina (952-941-2685) or Woodbury (651-204-0112) areas call today, or use our contact form to have your chimney and fireplace inspected. Our qualified and experienced chimney sweeps will inspect and clean your fireplace and chimney to get them ready for the fall and winter months. If we find any issues that require repair, we will put them in writing and explain why the repairs are needed. Find out why Minnesotans trust our family’s business to care for their fireplaces and chimneys. Get in touch today!