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Cleaning A Haunted Chimney

It’s officially spooky season and the frights seem to be everywhere. But one place we definitely don’t want them to be is in our own home — especially in our chimney! If you’re hearing scary, unfamiliar noises coming from your chimney, this may be a sign to take a closer look. More often than not it’s some unwelcome visitors that may need help finding their way out. However, that’s not the only reason you may be hearing some noises.

Common Reasons Your Chimney Makes Noises

Some reasons are more severe than others, but it’s important to look into it as soon as you notice it to ensure it’s nothing serious.

1. Visiting Animals

As stated above, from time to time animals find their way inside a chimney. Unfortunately, a lot of times they struggle to get out. You’ll typically hear scurrying, flapping wings, or even whimpering or chirping noises. Make sure to be careful with any animals you may encounter as you never know what diseases they carry. The safest bet is to call the professionals to help with removal. 

2. Structual Damage

On the upper end of severity, it’s possible that you can be experiencing structural issues that should be addressed immediately. If you hear any cracking or vibrations, it could be due to mortar breaking down. These noises are tricky to pick up on and may be subtle. But if you notice any signs of this, you should call a chimney professional.

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3. Wind or storms

Depending on the location of your home and chimney, you may notice more howling noises than other homes. This can be dependent on surrounding buildings, trees, hills, or even the area you live in. A simple solution for this is installing a chimney cap or cover to dampen the noise. This also helps to prevent rain, snow, or other debris from getting inside your chimney, fireplace, or even home.

4. Creosote-Related Issues

This may be a surprising one, but as the chemical by-product of fires, known as creosote, collects, it can lead to issues. As it builds up, it can cause the flue to narrow and restrict gas, smoke, and air to flow upwards as necessary. This can cause noises as you ignite the fire such as rumbling or roaring. You may also hear crackles but be careful not to mistake the crackling of the firewood. To avoid this issue, it’s important to keep up with regular, annual cleaning to take care of creosote and other debris. 

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What to do next?

If you’ve heard any spooky noises in your chimney, and can’t pinpoint the cause, it may be time to call your local chimney professionals at Twin City. We can schedule a cleaning that is sure to take care of any unwanted critters, creosote build-up, or determine if you’re experiencing larger issues.

It’s important to keep up with annual cleanings as it prevents these larger issues from developing, or at least helps to catch them sooner rather than later. If you’re in Edina, you can reach us at 952-941-2685; if you’re in Woodbury, you can reach us at 651-204-0112.