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Common Chimney Problems

Homeownership comes with many different forms of maintenance – your chimney is no exception. If you own a home with a chimney, it’s important to keep up with inspections, maintenance, and annual cleanings to avoid any issues. But, even with regular maintenance, you may find yourself running into issues with your chimney. Most are easy fixes, but all require attention as soon as you notice them.  Below are five of the most common chimney issues you may encounter as a homeowner. 

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Creosote Buildup

Every fire deposits a residue called creosote on your chimney’s interior walls. It is normal and part of the fire burning process, and it is critical to stay on top of it and have regular cleanings. Your annual cleaning takes care of this buildup. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends an inspection and cleaning at least once a year. If neglected, this buildup can lead to a house fire risk, as well as expose homeowners to unhealthy fumes. 

Chimney & Fireplace Blockages

Chimney blockages can happen for a number of reasons, but missing caps and covers are a common cause. This buildup of debris inside your chimney can pose an increased fire risk. If you can see the debris, you may be able to clear this out by yourself. But many blockages are at the top of your chimney, only accessible by roof access, so it’s best to call a professional for help.

Missing or Damaged Chimney Caps & Covers

Chimney caps and covers are both vital pieces of your chimney that should be fixed or replaced when you notice they are missing or broken. Chimney caps help to prevent sparks from getting out and wildlife from getting in. Chimney covers assist in blocking leaves, debris, and wildlife from getting inside your chimney. 

Damaged Chimney Flue

Chimney flues makes sure smoke escapes your chimney safely and efficiently. If it is damaged, it exposes wooden parts of your home to smoke and heat posing a house fire risk. Do not wait to call your local chimney professionals if you notice this. This issue is hard to spot which is why it’s important to schedule annual inspections.

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Structural Issues – with bricks or mortar

Being an external element of your home, your chimney will be exposed to the elements. This means it’s possible the brick or mortar may break down in some areas. Repeated exposure to summer and winter storms alike can cause bricks and mortar in your chimney to crack or break down in some areas. If you catch this early, you can minimize the repair cost and impact of the repair.

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