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Edina MN Chimney Sweep Services

As experienced and licensed hearth contractors, Twin City Fireplace provides inviting year-round indoor and outdoor fire-burning experiences to meet clients' heating needs, lifestyles, and budgets throughout Greater Minneapolis – St. Paul. We offer top-performing, energy-efficient fireplaces, stoves, and outdoor fire features for sale, installation, and repair in Edina and nearby Hennepin County townships. Our team is dedicated to giving customers an unbeatable experience from start to finish.

New fireplaces, stoves, & inserts available for purchase & installation in Edina MN

Edina MN Fireplace & Stoves – Sales, Installations, and Repair

Twin City Fireplace proudly provides customers with two convenient hearth store locations in Minneapolis – St. Paul’s east and west loop areas. We offer a wide range of high-end heating appliances from America's top-performing brands and in-house licensed chimney and masonry contractors for installation and repair. From wood, pellet, gas, and electric units to impressive fire features and outdoor grills, our fireplace stores have everything you need to create the ambiance you desire at a price you can afford. Plus, we carry an extensive line of premium gas fireplaces, inserts, and stove changeouts that transform any home space into something exceptional. Twin City Fireplace is your go-to hearth contractor for building custom indoor/outdoor living experiences!

Common Chimney & Fireplace Repairs in Minnesota

Minnesota winters can be harsh, and significant damage is possible when it comes to your masonry or manufactured chimney in Saint Paul Park, MN. When absorbed moisture in bricks and mortar freezes, thaws, and re-freezes, it continually causes cracks to expand, severely damaging the masonry structure. In addition to spalling bricks, creosote build-up in the smoke chamber, flue, and other areas could lead to a chimney fire without regular sweeping. Making chimney repairs now will help you avoid more extensive repairs or rebuilding later. So, call Twin City Fireplace, and our chimney and masonry professionals will ensure your fireplace or stove is ready for the next cold spell.

Preventing a Chimney Fire in Your Edina, MN Home

Chimney fires are more common in Eagan, St. Paul Park, and the Twin Cities area than many Minnesotans may believe - and they can be extremely dangerous. A chimney fire can quickly spread to nearby combustible building materials like the attic, roof deck, and ceiling and engulf your home in flames in minutes. In addition to extensive damage, your family is also at risk. That's why fire prevention is our top priority and should be yours too.

There are a few things we recommend homeowners do to help prevent a chimney fire:

  • First, make sure you have your chimney cleaned and inspected annually. We will remove creosote deposits and other flammable materials, such as nests, leaves, and twigs, that could ignite a fire.
  • Second, use a spark screen with an open fire in your fireplace. It will contain any embers that might escape and start a fire.
  • Finally, keep combustible materials at least three feet from your fireplace and chimney. This includes furry pets, children, and flammable materials like furniture, newspapers, and rugs.
Chimney fires being prevented in Edina MN

Chimney Sweep Services in Edina, MN

A chimney sweep service is essential for maintaining a safe fireplace or stove. Chimneys can become clogged with animal nests, creosote, and debris, leading to a dangerous build-up of flammable materials. When you schedule an appointment with Twin City Fireplace, our professional chimney sweep will clean your chimney, vents, and attached heating appliances and remove any blockages so you can use your fireplace or stove confidently. If you have a fireplace or stove, get a chimney sweep service at least once a year. And, yes, you still need a chimney inspection even if you have a gas-heating appliance! This will help ensure your chimney and heating appliances are safe and clean so they don’t become a fire or health hazard. So, call Twin City Fireplace to book your chimney inspection and cleaning service today!