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Exposing Chimney Noises

Chimneys are a lovely way to relax and enjoy a crisp fall or winter day. But, when you hear unusual noises, it may lead to panic. While some noises may be cause for concern, others may be normal or just minor issues. Let’s take a look at some of the most common chimney noises and their sources.

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Creosote Build-up

Creosote is a by-product that naturally accumulates on your interior chimney walls. Creosote is a thick, tar-like substance that can get sticky as it builds. Some woods cause accumulation more than others, but all homeowners are strongly encouraged to perform an annual cleaning to minimize the risk of build-up causing issues.

How does this lead to a noise? Well, as creosote accumulates, it can slowly narrow the passageway for smoke and gases to leave your chimney. This essentially causes airflow restrictions which come with a rumbling noise when you light a fire. You may also notice an increase of crackling noises as the fire burns — this is different than the crackling from firewood.

Animal Visitors

If you hear a scurrying or rustling noise coming from your chimney or fireplace, you likely have a critter inside. Birds find the top of a chimney appealing as a place to build a nest, while other animals may fall in or find other ways inside.

They may also drop debris into the chimney if there is a gap. This could cause a rustling noise if animals step on the leaves or other debris. Make sure to schedule a cleaning to take care of any debris at unsafe heights.

Wind Gusts

Depending on where your chimney is, it may be in a wind path. This means when there are strong gusts, you may hear howling or whistling noises. To lessen this disturbance, you can install a chimney cap or cowl. These are also great additions to protect against rain, snow, and debris.

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Structural issues

Structural issues are likely the most concerning of the list. Since your chimney is exposed to the elements at all times, eventually mortar or bricks can begin to break down. As they break down, gaps or cracks can accumulate, leaving you with potential issues. If you hear an increase of different noises, it may be due to structural issues.

If you suspect you may have structural issues, you should call a chimney professional as soon as possible. The sooner these issues are caught, the less expensive the repair may be.

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