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Gas Fireplace Innovations: Remote Control Features

When gas fireplaces entered the conversation of fireplace options, it added convenience to a familiar comfort. If homeowners wanted the coziness of a fire without the labor of cutting wood and maintenance, gas fireplaces looked like a great solution. They could even be installed as inserts into existing fireplaces which makes it a simple process.

But did you know that they can be even more convenient with remote control capability? Let’s take a look at the potential. 

Basic Gas Fireplace Remotes

  • Standard with unit - often, the gas fireplace you purchase comes with a remote – especially as of late. They usually have minimal functionality such as on/off and maybe fire level control (as a dial on the unit would have). It’s great to be able to use this remote so you can avoid bending down to turn your unit on and off.
  • Timer-Friendly Remotes - Some newer remotes even come with the option to set a timer. This is great for a bedroom unit or somewhere that you’d like to use as a heat source, but not necessarily run all night. The convenience is one thing, but it also can save gas, and in return, save money. 

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Advanced Gas Fireplace Remotes

As technology has evolved, even more advanced solutions have come about. Programmable thermostat remotes require connectivity with your home's primary heating source. If the remote can tap into the thermostat, it can regulate the gas fireplace on/off and the level of heat it emits. This is a great option for your gas fireplace to be a secondary heating source for your home. With some remotes, you can even set the desired temperature based on the time of day. Together, this can work as a great money-saving tool.

Smart Remotes

Finally, smart remotes take all of the convenience of the above solutions and add Alexa, Siri, or any of the other conversational AI players. They can connect to Wi-Fi and listen to voice commands to provide ultimate convenience and comfort for your home. For this highest-tech convenience, you have several options to choose from depending on your desired price point.

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