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How To Prepare Your Fireplace For Summer

The days are growing longer and temperatures are rising. You are spending more time outdoors. It is likely that your fireplace will not get used until the first cool days in the fall. Now is the time to prepare a checklist on what needs to be done to prepare for the summer season. Other than an occasional dreary day, your fireplace most likely will get closed up until the fall. Now is the time to clean, repair and get it ready for the cold months ahead. Depending on the type of fireplace you have, will determine what needs done to get ready for summer. Let us look at the differences.
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Prepare your wood-burning fireplace

Clean out the ash. Before you start, you must take into consideration safety precautions to protect yourself. Grab a mask, gloves, and goggles to protect your lungs and eyes. Use a drop cloth or sheet to cover the area outside your fireplace to protect it from dust and ash. Use a fire-safe bucket with a metal shovel. Clean out all the ash and leftover unburnt wood. Put it in the bucket and leave it outside. Store away from buildings for 24 hours to make sure that there are no warm embers.

You may want to use the ash in your garden. The nutrients it will bring to your plants are very beneficial to plant growth. This is the time of year to schedule your yearly chimney sweep and inspection. The spring and summer are the easiest times to schedule a sweep. Don’t wait until the fall when it will be harder to make an appointment as they get very busy.

Prepare your gas fireplace

With a gas fireplace, the first thing to do is to turn off the pilot light. There is no need for the energy to burn all summer long. You are throwing money away. Heat will generate all summer long by keeping the pilot on as well. Sulfur will also continue to build up on the glass making it difficult to clean. If your gas fireplace has an electric ignition, unplug that too.

Add fireplace cleaning to your spring-cleaning list. This is a great time to give your gas fireplace a thorough cleaning.
Now is the time to schedule your yearly gas fireplace inspection. Be sure that you schedule with a certified chimney inspector.
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Repairs and sprucing up

Your fireplace gets a lot of use. If it looks a little tired, paint any rough edges, and put sealant on the base and walls of your fireplace. Touch up with heat-resistant paint. While your chimney sweep is at the house be sure to have them inspect your chimney for any damage. This is the time to get any repairs done before the cold weather sets in.

With these tips and a little time on your part, you should enjoy years of relaxing in front of your fire. Our Mission is simple: “To be the best, most detailed, and knowledgeable installing fireplace contractor and brick and stone masons in the Twin Cities. We will create a company culture that emulates a close family atmosphere; a place where team members and their families, friends, and customers are welcome.”

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