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Humidity And Your Chimney

When you think of humid weather, the last thing you’re likely thinking of is burning a fire indoors. However, humidity and your chimney may be more related than you think. Humidity can exacerbate unwanted fire smells inside your home long after the burning season. Read on to learn why this is the case and how you can prevent your winter fire smells from lingering into the summer months.

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Why Does Humidity Make Fire Smells Worse?

Every time you have a fire inside your fireplace, a small amount of the byproduct called creosote is released and sticks to your interior chimney wall. This byproduct has a thick consistency with a smoky smell. When humidity and heat enter the forecast, any residual creosote will react and release a stronger odor.

Along with a smoky smell, you may be smelling mold and mildew. This could be due to inadequate or non-existent waterproofing measures.

How Can I Minimize The Smell?

There are a few steps you can take to lessen the smell of smoke and mildew in your home even on the most humid of days.

  1. Keep up with annual cleanings — A big focus of chimney sweeps is to take care of built of creosote. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) encourages all homeowners to clean their chimney every year for the safest and most enjoyable burning conditions.
  2. Install a damper if you don’t have one — Dampers play a big part in airflow which contributes to what smells get inside of your home. While keeping a damper open for too long can allow warm air inside a cool house, it can also allow trapped smells to escape. It will also better regulate how your draft operates during and directly after a fire.
  3. Check on your chimney cap — A chimney cap can help immensely with water-related issues which lead to a moldy smell on hot and humid days. Chimney caps assist with blocking water, debris, and even animals from entering your chimney and home.

If you’re smelling mold or mildew on humid days and none of the above remedies apply to you, it’s time to call a professional. There may be hidden water that can lead to larger issues down the line.

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