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Is Waterproofing Necessary?

Water is one of the biggest threats to your chimney. While it seems harmless, it can cause a host of problems if it finds it’s way inside. Anything from cracks in your masonry or grout to a damaged chimney cap can lead to issues if it isn’t taken care of. It’s important to catch these issues early as they could lead to overall structural issues if neglected.

We’ll walk you through some of the most common causes of water damage to explain why waterproofing your chimney (and making sure it stays watertight!) is absolutely necessary.
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Missing or damaged mortar

Mortar is what keeps your chimney together and structurally sound. This is essentially the glue for your bricks or stones. Occasionally, and over time, the mortar may break down and make your chimney susceptible to water creeping inside and causing damage. Water accumulation inside the mortar joints can lead to structural issues if neglected.

Damaged chimney cap

A chimney cap is the top part of a chimney. It provides a barrier for your home from outside elements such as debris, animals, and rain. A damaged or missing chimney cap allows direct access into your home and could lead to significant water accumulation.

What’s worse is you may not even notice this damage until larger issues occur. When there is damage to your chimney cap, water may collect and freeze causing frost heaves. This is one of the many reasons why annual chimney cleanings and inspections are vital to the overall wellbeing of your chimney.

Damaged flashing

Chimney flashings are the metal strip around the chimney where it meets your roof. One of the purposes of the flashing is to ensure that the gap between your chimney and roof is watertight. If this isn’t the case, serious damage may occur. If damaged, water can leak into the chimney and cause damage to the interior or the overall structure of the chimney.

All three of the common causes for water issues lead to a presence of water inside your chimney. Excess water can make for an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. This is unhealthy to breath in, especially if in large quantities so it’s important to take care of this. Not only can this lead to more widespread mold growth, but it can also cause health concerns if not taken care of.
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