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Why Choose An Outdoor Fireplace?

While fireplaces are staples for many homes; fewer homes have an outdoor fireplace. But you may be missing out! If you’re frequently entertaining guests, an outdoor fireplace could step up the environment. Not only will you create a cozy outdoor environment, but you can also increase your home’s value at the same time. 

5 Benefits of An Outdoor Fireplace

Great for entertaining guests

If you frequently have people over, creating an indoor and outdoor environment to entertain is a great option. A beautiful summer night shouldn’t be spent inside and now it doesn’t have to be! With an outdoor fireplace, it takes away the added effort that may come along with creating a bonfire. Just stack some wood and light up your outdoor fireplace and watch your friends and family enjoy. 

Carry your interior aesthetic outside

It’s easy to focus so much on your home inside that you may neglect the outside. But an outdoor fireplace creates a great foundation for adding character outside.

Create a romantic and/or warm environment

Even if it’s just yourself or you and your partner, an outdoor fireplace can create a cozy and romantic environment. This area of your home is likely to be utilized for any of the special events coming up. 

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Outdoor cooking? Makes it easier!

Are you a fan of cooking? How about cooking outside? Even if you have a grill, it’s a nice, special occasion to roast a marshmallow or hot dog over the fireplace outside. Depending on your desired level of cooking may influence the type of fireplace you choose to install (I.e., gas versus wood-burning). If outdoor cooking is a priority, make sure to express this as you explore options.

Added bonus: Repel Insects

Even the most avid nature and outdoors fans can admit that pesky insects can interfere with a beautiful outdoor environment. Well, luckily, fire is a natural insect repellent. This is especially true with wood-burning fireplaces as it releases smoke that bugs don’t enjoy. 

Interested? Here Are Some Outdoor Fireplace Considerations

  • Type: just like indoor fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces can come in gas or wood-burning variety. Both come with pros and cons; if you want convenience, opt for gas and if you want traditional, insect repellent, opt for wood-burning.
  • Aesthetic: Full fireplaces that look traditional or modern sleek options can satisfy many homeowner’s needs. But, if not, even custom designs for hot tubs, pools, or tabletops can be arranged.

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Considering Installing an Outdoor Fireplace?

If you’re in the Minneapolis area, Twin City Fireplace, Masonry, and Chimney are the full-service experts to call. We have locations in Edina and Woodbury, MN with highly trained and experienced staff to help with any questions pertaining to fireplaces — indoor and outdoor. If you run into any major issues, we’re here to assist as quick as possible.

We specialize in the sale, service, and installation of gas and wood-burning fireplaces for indoor and outdoor spaces. We’re also licensed general contractors, gas fitters, and skilled masons to give you a seamless experience from the first call to the finished installation. Contact us today in Edina at 952-941-2685 or Woodbury at 651-204-0112.