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Plymouth MN Chimney Sweep Services

Twin City Fireplace is your full-service hearth specialist for selling, installing, and repairing top-quality fireplaces, stoves, and outdoor fire features for Minnesotans in Plymouth, West Loop, and townships throughout Greater Minneapolis – St. Paul. Our highly experienced team is committed to giving residents a unique year-round indoor and outdoor fire-burning experience that reflects their home heating needs and budget.

Plymouth, MN Chimney Sweep Services

As a homeowner in Plymouth and the Twin Cities area, protecting your family from the risk of fire or other safety hazards is paramount. So, hiring a professional chimney sweep service to regularly inspect, clean, and repair your chimney, fireplace, stove, and venting system is an essential precaution that you should take. The chimney and masonry professionals at Twin City Fireplace are qualified for all three inspection levels as per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and codes. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our skilled professionals thoroughly inspect your chimney and flue with a specialized video camera that reveals any potential problems in real-time. This allows us to determine if any repairs or replacements are needed to prevent more significant damage later. It saves you time and money, but more importantly, it also helps reduce the risk of a chimney fire and exposure to harmful fumes, including carbon monoxide gas.

New fireplaces & chimneys for sale & installation in Plymouth MN

Plymouth Fireplace & Stoves – Sales, Installations, and Repair

At Twin City Fireplace, our team of licensed professionals is your ideal hearth contractor for creating luxury indoor and outdoor living spaces with spectacular fire features you will enjoy any time of year. We sell, install, and repair top-quality fireplace and stove installation and repair services, featuring the latest models of wood, pellet, gas, and electric heating appliances from brands consumers trust the most. In addition, our impressive showrooms near Chanhassen, MN, showcase an assortment of high-quality heating appliances that are ideal for any new home construction or remodeling project. You can also count on Twin City Fireplace for impressive gas fireplaces, inserts, and stove changeouts!

How to Prevent a Chimney Fire in Plymouth, MN

At Twin City Fireplace, fire prevention is our top priority, but homeowners must do their part too. Unfortunately, chimney fires are too common in Hennepin County townships, including Edina and Plymouth, that cause extensive damage to area homes every winter. Fortunately, Minnesotans can take some simple steps to prevent a chimney fire from starting in the first place.

First, make sure you have your chimney inspected and cleaned regularly. A build-up of soot and creosote significantly increases the risk of a chimney fire, so keeping your chimney clean is essential.

Second, don't burn green or unseasoned wood in your fireplace. Fresh wood contains a lot of moisture, creating more smoke and creosote, increasing the risk of a chimney fire. Your chimney will also need more frequent sweeping.

Finally, be careful when using your fireplace. Please don't leave it unattended; never go to bed with a wood-burning fire in your fireplace. Remembering these simple precautions can help prevent a chimney fire in your home.

Chimney repairs available in Plymouth MN

Common Chimney & Fireplace Repairs

One of the most common chimney problems we repair during the winter in Orono, MN, and neighboring townships is brick or stone masonry damage. The good news is that most of these problems can be avoided with annual chimney inspections. Some of the most common fireplace and chimney repairs we see throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul are cracked flue liners, displaced chimney caps, and creosote build-up. Cracked flue liners are a relatively common issue that increases health and safety risks. That's why we typically recommend installing a stainless-steel chimney liner; it is the best defense for our climate. If your chimney cap is dislodged, we can often re-secure it to the top of your chimney. We also offer firebox repair, smoke chamber parging, chimney waterproofing, and more to help you get more out of your chimney and fireplace investment.