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Safety First: Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Gas Fireplace

As the colder winter rolls in, you’re likely going to have more and more fires to keep warm. As a gas fireplace owner, you take away a good amount of maintenance associated with fires. Log debris? Creosote? Chimney cap issues? Not something you have to worry about. However, there are still several important safety steps.

Remember these 5 important tips as a homeowner with a gas fireplace:

Install a Safety Screen

While a gas fireplace minimizes the risk of sparks and stray flames, it’s still a live fire. Most gas fireplaces have a glass screen, but that glass can get very hot. That’s why it’s important to add an extra layer of protection, such as a safety screen. This is especially important for homes with children or pets!

Regular Service Appointments

While you won’t necessarily need a chimney sweep, you’ll still have to service your heating appliances. The appointment will look a little different, but they’ll ensure all connectors are properly installed and free of damage or debris. Just like wood-burning chimney sweeps, your gas fireplace service appointment should be scheduled annually.

fireplace safety tips in Edina, MN

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Smoke detectors should be installed on every floor, but carbon monoxide detectors should be present near any gas-fueled appliance. While these systems are safe, it’s important to have an additional layer of safety to notify if there are high quantities of carbon monoxide in the air. It’s odorless and highly poisonous so it is always crucial to detect.

Don’t Keep Fire Hazards Nearby

Whenever a fire is present, it’s important to clear the surrounding area of any decorations, drapery, or other flammable materials. Even if things won’t catch fire, they can make things very hot, and even melt some materials. This is especially true near the holidays when extra decorations come out. Even on the mantle, things can get particularly hot so make sure to be mindful of this when decorating. 

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Clean the Area Regularly

Even though there’s no creosote build-up, make sure to wipe down fireplace doors and dust vents semi-regularly. The build-up can lead to a fire hazard which shouldn’t be neglected. If you have a question about safe products to use on and around your gas fireplace, consult your products manual. 

Ready to take steps to maintain your gas fireplace?

Call Twin City today to schedule an annual gas fireplace servicing or cleaning today. Whether you have a regular routine or ready to improve your current one, we can work with you to determine the correct approach. We even work on installing new gas fireplaces and can help any step of the way. Our expert team is experienced in all things chimney and fireplace, so if you’re in the Minneapolis, MN area call us today. If you’re in Edina, you can reach us at 952-941-2685; if you’re in Woodbury, you can reach us at 651-204-0112.