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Summer Is The Best Time For Chimney Maintenance

Summer is usually a busy time of year, but there’s one task you can delegate to your local chimney professionals. Did you know that chimney maintenance is actually best performed in the summer months? Cozying up to a fire may be the last thing on your mind in warm weather but let our professionals ensure that your chimney is ready to go when the weather cools down. Read on to learn the top three reasons why summer is the best time for your chimney maintenance.

Cozy Clean Fireplace in Minneapolis MN

Don’t Wait For Months To Schedule

You’ll be ahead of the curve if you’re booking a summer appointment. Many people put this task off closer to when they’ll be ready to burn a fire, like in the fall or winter. So, if you wait to book until then like most people, you’ll be competing to find an opening like everyone else. Chimney cleaning should be annual, so you can plan well in advance for your prime summertime slot. If you get in the habit of booking early, you’ll likely experience open availability to choose from.

You may even benefit from cheaper slots in the summertime. Demand is higher when people need the cleaning soon like in the fall or winter, so there’s a possibility that the cost will be inflated. The closer you get to the desired scheduling date; the demand and prices will rise as well. Book early and benefit from ease of scheduling at a lower cost.

Be Ready For The Fall

You never know how soon you’ll experience a chilly night that warrants a cozy fire. If you got your annual cleaning out of the way with early in the summer, you’ll be ready no matter how early that night comes. Cross something off your list early by getting your annual maintenance out of the way in the summer and be ready earlier than you may have been otherwise.

Don’t Live With Buildup

Debris, such as creosote, builds up on chimney walls with the more fires you burn. By the end of a burn season, your chimney will be ready for a cleaning. Taking care of this in the summer makes sure the debris doesn’t linger through the warmer months. The debris may smell stronger on humid, rainy, summer days and the fumes could be unhealthy to breathe in. Meaning, the sooner a cleaning after fireplace season, the less risk of potentially unsafe conditions.

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