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Why Are Chimney Sweeps So Important?

We rely on our chimneys to keep us warm and cozy in the cold months. It’s important to remember they need some regular care to make sure they are safe, reliable, and clean. We know that as a homeowner, there are so many responsibilities, so it’s easy to lose track of some tasks on the list. Your chimney care shouldn’t be one of those tasks to get lost in the mix, though.

Annual chimney sweeps are important for many reasons, but the most important one to highlight is the overall safety. There are three main reasons we encourage you to keep up with your chimney sweeps.
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Prevent chimney fires

Most importantly, annual chimney sweeps lessen the risk of a chimney fire. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), deems it necessary to get a chimney sweep and inspection once a year – unless you have fires extremely frequently, then you may need them even more often. A general rule of thumb is if there is more than 1/8” residue, it’s time to call your chimney experts.

You may be wondering why the residue needs to be removed. The main reason is because this build-up of soot is usually accompanied by something called Creosote. This is a flammable, sticky residue that is left behind by burning wood. As Creosote and soot continue to accumulate, smoke and toxins enter your house, rather than exiting out the chimney. When in large quantities, these toxins aren’t healthy to breathe in, which is another important reason to keep up with your annual chimney sweeps.

Catch structural issues early

While chimney sweeps are completed, a visual inspection is also performed. This is important for the general upkeep of your chimney and fireplace. If there are any structural issues, a plan can be put in place to address the issue before it gets worse. Additionally, any debris that may be flammable, can be removed during this process.

More efficiently keep your home warm

Just like a well-oiled machine operates better, a freshly cleaned chimney is more efficient. The blockage and debris is removed, allowing for a clearer path for the smoke and toxins to escape. When there is better air circulation, it’s more efficient and allows for fewer drafts to find their way down the chimney and into your house.
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Now that you know why chimney sweeps are so important, make sure to call the experts at Twin City Fireplace, Masonry, and Chimney to schedule one today. We’re a full-service, family-owned fireplace showroom with locations in Edina and Woodbury, MN. Our staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable and will make sure your chimney is in the best shape possible.

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