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Why Does My Gas Fireplace Stink?

Fireplace inspection services available in Plymouth & Golden Valley MNIf you smell something odd coming from your fireplace, don’t be too concerned, it is not always an issue. Yet, it is good to be cautious and investigate when it comes to your gas fireplace. The safety and well-being of your family and friends should be the utmost priority.

A gas fireplace can be an excellent option for a wood-burning fireplace. Not only is it safe with low maintenance it can add a cozy feel to your room. With a gas fireplace, you don’t have to worry about the hassles of maintaining a chimney. As well as all the work that goes into owning a traditional fireplace. An on-off switch is all you need to bring the ambiance into your home with a gas fireplace.

If you do experience a smell; it is important to look further into this.

There can be many reasons you have an odor coming from your fireplace. If you smell gas from your fireplace, it doesn’t mean that there is a leak. You will smell a bit of gas when you turn on your fireplace, and this means that it is functioning properly. If you smell an excessive amount of gas for a prolonged time you will want to give it some attention.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your gas fireplace may stink.

Proper ventilation

Gas fireplaces do not need a chimney; but they should have a vent system to the outdoors for fumes to escape. You should maintain your HVAC system on a regular basis. If you still have a smell and there is no leak you may need to change the air filters.

  • When lighting your gas fireplace, other smells will intensify if in the air. The oxygen in the air intensifies the impurities in the air, causing an odor when burnt.
  • Debris such as hair and pet dander accumulate in your fireplace over time. Once you turn on the gas these particles burn, causing an odor.

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Gas leak

If you turn off the fireplace and you still smell gas, this may be a sign of a gas leak. Of course, there will be a faint smell of gas when turning off the fireplace. But if there is a consistent smell, you should investigate immediately. If a sulfur smell persists, open windows and air out the room. Be sure you turn off the gas. Other signs of a leak are higher gas bills, hissing sound, plants dying, or the smell of rotten eggs. Be sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in the home, and that it is work.

If you suspect a gas leak, take every precaution. If anyone is experiencing dizziness or headaches, leave the house immediately. Call 911 right away or your gas company to investigate.

Always call a professional to have your gas fireplace inspected.

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