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Minneapolis MN Chimney Repairs and Restoration

As winter approaches in the "City of Lakes," ensuring the safety and efficiency of your home's fireplace becomes a top priority. Whether in the bustling Uptown neighborhood or the peaceful Lake Minnetonka suburbs, a properly functioning chimney is crucial for venting smoke and maintaining optimal heating performance.

So, don't hesitate to make repairs when your chimney issues arise. Quality chimney repairs are essential for keeping your Minneapolis home safe and warm throughout the winter.

Chimney Repairs in Hennepin County

Years of exposure to snow and ice in the winter, followed by rain and humidity in the Summer, can eventually take a toll on a masonry chimney and cause issues such as:

  • Mortar deterioration
  • Cracked, loose, or missing bricks
  • Spalling brickwork
  • Water leaks
  • Crown damage
  • Structural collapse

chimney repair in Minneapolis MN

Depending on the damage, your chimney may require repointing, masonry repair, or rebuilding. Twin City Fireplace’s skilled masons are local experts in resolving all types of chimney issues in Minneapolis and Hennepin County:

Tuckpointing and Brick Replacement in Minneapolis MN

Repointing and Brick Repair

The mortar joints between your chimney bricks deteriorate over time. This deterioration eventually allows water to seep inside, potentially damaging the structure. When damage is minimal, our masons can repoint the joints. We remove old, damaged mortar and replace it with high-quality, weather-resistant material during this process. Our masonry experts can also repair cracked, damaged, and even missing bricks to restore your chimney's structural integrity.

Firebox Rebuilding in Minneapolis MN

Firebox Rebuilding

The firebox is the heart of your fireplace. And it can deteriorate over time due to its extreme heat. This deterioration can accelerate from water leaks, corrosion, and neglect. When rebuilding the firebox, it is essential to use firebrick and refractory mortar to prevent the intense heat inside the fireplace from spreading to combustible materials within the walls.

Chimney Liner Installation in Minneapolis MN

Chimney Flue Liners

The flue liner is vital to your chimney system, channeling smoke and harmful pollutants away from your home. Twin City Fireplace can inspect your flue liner and provide the following:

  • Repair: Existing flue liners can crack or deteriorate due to age, fire, water leaks, and neglect. We can often repair minor damage to an existing terra cotta liner and recommend relining if necessary.
  • Relining: In some cases, the entire flue liner may need replacement. Twin City Fireplace often recommends relining with stainless steel to ensure long-lasting performance, easier maintenance, and optimal safety. You may also need a relining with a new heating appliance.

Minneapolis Chimney Restoration Services

Twin City Fireplace offers exceptional chimney restoration services. Whether partially rebuilding a crown with lightning damage or completely rebuilding a leaning stack, the result will be an aesthetically pleasing chimney with long-lasting durability and performance. Our experienced technicians will inspect the overall condition of your chimney and recommend a customized restoration plan, ensuring your chimney is structurally sound, safe, and ready to keep your Northeast Minneapolis home warm and cozy for years to come.