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Gas Inserts vs. Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces Gas fireplaces provide a solution if your home doesn’t have an existing fireplace. They can be installed almost Read more

What Is Placed Around Chimney’s To Prevent Leaks?

Another reason the flashing may be failing is due to time and wear. Just like any aspect of a home, Read more

All You Need To Know About Chimney Crown Repairs

These can expand to thicker, more serious cracks if left alone. However, as the cracks expand, the more water can Read more

Cleaning A Haunted Chimney

3. Wind or storms Depending on the location of your home and chimney, you may notice more howling noises than Read more

Getting The Most Out of Your Wood Burning Fireplace

Use the Top-Down Method Rather than lighting kindling below logs, stack smaller kindling and tinder on top. As the kindling Read more

Best Fireplaces For Allergies And Asthma

Below are some details about a few of the options out there that may work for you.  Pellet Stoves Pellet Read more

Best And Worst Types Of Wood For Your Fireplace

Cherry: While cherry wood gives off a pleasant fragrance when burned, it doesn't burn as hot as other wood. Worst Read more

Exposing Chimney Noises

Chimneys are a lovely way to relax and enjoy a crisp fall or winter day. But, when you hear unusual Read more

Common Chimney Problems

Homeownership comes with many different forms of maintenance – your chimney is no exception. If you own a home with Read more

How to Prepare for A Chimney Inspection

Did you know that you should be scheduling annual chimney inspections and cleanings? As a homeowner, it’s easy to lose Read more